Meet the luminaries building tomorrow. From founders to engineers to creatives, meet them all at Hack Boston.

Chris swenor

ceo/co-founder, Reach

Chris has over 15-years of experience building software businesses and managing technical teams. After a series of successful exits, Chris launched Reach Platform Inc. in September of 2019 with the vision of making blockchain development accessible to the over 20 million developers in the world. Chris’s vision is for Reach to be the easiest and safest platform for DApp development and the key to making blockchain mainstream. After having secured over $13.3M in funding and grown Reach’s developer community to over 3,000 developers worldwide, Reach is a 30-person company with a $48M valuation.

jay mccarthy

cto/co-founder, reach

Dr. McCarthy has over 30 scientific publications and over 500 citations. He is one of the creators of the Racket programming language and recipient of the 2018 SIGPLAN Programming Languages Software Award. Dr. McCarthy is an active creator of and contributor to open source projects, with over 150 repositories on GitHub in over a dozen programming languages, from C and Racket to Haskell and Coq. Dr. McCarthy designed Reach's language.

Justin Giudici

CEO, Telos Foundation

Justin is one of the co-founders of the Telos Network and CEO of the Telos Foundation. He brings over a decade of experience in product design & marketingand has founded and nurtured multiple companies in the emerging technology space.

Jesse Schulman

Head of Development, Telos

Jesse has over two decades of experience in product infrastructure engineering, design and automation, with afocus on cloud-based software solutions. For the last four years, Jesse has been the lead engineer and architect of theTelos Blockchain Network.

Phil kwok

co-founder, EasyA

Prior to founding EasyA, Phil founded and led engineering at two groundbreaking marketplace startups. A software engineer at heart, he was also one of the youngest people ever to pass the New York Bar, working at top New York law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, and consistently ranked top of his year as a scholar at Cambridge University.

dom kwok

co-founder, EasyA

Before founding EasyA, Dom worked at The Blackstone Group and Goldman Sachs, after graduating Cum Laude from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania as a Joseph Wharton and Benjamin Franklin Scholar. He is also a quantitative trading mastermind and award-winning designer in the graphics and UI space.

Abdelrahman Omran

Director of Developer Relations, cartesi

Abdelrahman Omran is a proficient multi-skilled Software Architect by nature, developer advocate by choice, and educator by passion. Throughout his 18+ years of experience, he has worked with blue-chip companies including Google, Intel, and launched two tech companies a while ago. He is an avid open-source contributor, public speaker, and community enthusiast.

Carlo fragni

Senior Software Engineer, cartesi

Experienced Senior Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry in projects ranging from low to high level and from research proof-of-concept to mission-critical business software. Skilled in multiple programming languages and technologies. Strong engineering background with a Master of Science (MSc) focused in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications from COPPE / UFRJ.

Gabriel Barros

Developer Advocate, cartesi

Gabriel specializes in the Ethereum network as well as DApp development, having previously worked at both Terminal (Fleek) and Consensys. Passionate about learning, he loves to read about all fields of science and study different languages. At Cartesi, he delivered Cartesi's Proof of Stake pool staking system, and now is working on Developer Relations, fostering the ecosystem of Cartesian developers.

Maximilian Hatesuer

Business Development Manager, cartesi

Max has a BSc in International Business Administration and an MSc in Innovations Management from the Rotterdam School of Management. Previously, he worked in Business Transformation at Philips .Max has been fascinated by the blockchain space since 2017. He wrote his Master’s thesis about blockchain-driven business models in the energy industry and has been researching and publishing content about the space on Tokemy.com. He recently participated in Kernel Block III and has been contributing to DAOs in the space.

Lyno ferraz

Solution Architect, Cartesi

Lyno Ferraz is a Software Engineer with 14+ years of experience in computer networking research and software development. During his time as a researcher, he presented his work at several scientific conferences and journals and worked on large-scale Brazil-Europe projects.

Zachary Prater

Business Ambassador, Cartesi

Zach has been interested in the blockchain space since 2015 and made the jump into the industry on his 18th birthday. Zach has helped locals invest in the Web3 industry, learned arbitrage trading, and written scripts for cryptocurrency influencers. After hearing a need from Cartesi, Zach jumped to help and was hired as a Business Ambassador at his dream company, Cartesi.

Junghyun (Colin) Kim

Head of Core development, klaytn

Colin leads the development of Klaytn blockchain core protocol. Previously he worked at Ground X developing Klaytn blockchain core protocol, Klaytn API Service, Klip Drops and Krafterspace NFT minter applications. He also worked at Samsung Electronics improving Tizen developer experience and neural network runtime.

Jaeyeong (Jay) Choi

Core developer, klaytn

Jay is a core developer at Klaytn. Previously he worked at Tmaxsoft building permissioned blockchain platforms and the Tibero Database frontend.


Developer Ambassador, Klaytn

Nikhil is a Web 3.0 Enthusiast who has been monitoring the Web 3 space since late 2016, and supported many startups in their ecosystem growth. He is currently the Developer Ambassador at Klaytn.

Russ Fustino

Developer advocate, algorand

Russ Fustino is a Developer Advocate on Blockchain for Algorand & is a Microsoft MVP reconnect in App Development. Russ has a passion for building blockchain solutions conveying relevant, current, and future software development.  He is also the recipient of INETA Lifetime Achievement Award and is a professional presenter. He speaks all over to whoever will listen. He has  written code that many have used. He’s been creating developer content for over  two decades, coding for twice that and delivering webinars and videos for three decades. He codes, writes, speaks, empowers, promotes, networks, publishes, learns and listens – usually not in that order.

Yuting Golden

Global education lead, Binance academy

Yuting is the Partnership Director of Binance Academy, the world’s leading crypto and blockchain education center. She leads Binance’s Global Education Initiative in 150+ countries -- partnering with universities, governments, NGOs, and MOOCs to educate millions of learners in crypto/blockchain technology. Prior to Binance Academy, Yuting was the Founder/CEO of the e-commerce business Little Spoonful and was backed by top venture capital firms and Tencent co-founder Jason Zeng.

Austin ballard

project lead for n./S. America, binance Academy

Austin is the lead for Binance Academy’s North and South America University outreach. Austin focuses on spreading education on blockchain, web3, and crypto across university campuses where he hopes to widen the access to educational resources for students across the two continents. Prior to Binance Acacdemy, Austin held an Executive Board member position with Bentley Blockchain Association with a focus in education.

Ilya Osovets

Senior Solutions Architect, BNB Chain

Ilya is a Senior Solutions Architect, supporting multiple facets of the BNB chain platform. Alongside numerous years of experience working in blockchain and crypto for companies such as Oracle and Fireblocks, he has experience in cybersecurity, application development, cloud technologies and implementation in NFTs in the arts. He is currently working on new implementations in the safety and cybersecurity of the BNB chain as well as guiding initiatives in music, gaming and innovative approaches to Web3 marketplaces.

Arnaud bauer

Digital Innovation & Solution Architect, BNB Chain

As a Digital Innovation & Solution Architect with five years of experience in Blockchain Industry environments, Arnaud specializes in: linking the business operations and processes across multiple industries; reviewing the technical feasibility; doing on-the-ground research and outreach with the most promising technical features and projects;
Currently based in Europe, Arnaud focus on the application and adoption of blockchain technology for community & corporate. With his thorough understanding of bridging businesses with a technical approach, He is helping and coordinating with teams to integrate blockchain into their businesses seamlessly.

Estefania Ochoa

Head of Protocol Relations, Reach

Estefanía began her blockchain journey in 2021 while working at bG gallery, and they began onboarding artists to NFTs. This led her down the rabbit hole to explore the infinite possibilities of the technology involved. She immediately understood the implications and pivoted to supporting the growth of web3.

Estefanía Ochoa is an advocate for education and accessibility in the blockchain ecosystem. She is fueled by her background in supporting underrepresented creators in the traditional art markets and empowering them with new opportunities being provided by Blockchain technology. She is currently working for the Reach developer platform, focusing on onboarding the next billion builders.

Nick Stanford

Social learning manager, reach

Nick Stanford is a passionate web3 educator. He studies Software Engineering at Arizona State University and uses the concepts taught in these traditional programs to help teach people Reach and Blockchain Development. He loves helping others get to the "aha!" moment, where a concept really clicks. Nick believes there is no question too trivial and that if we all learn this amazing technology together, we can get it to a place where it can truly change the world.

Ramine Bigdeliazari

Director of product, fidelity digital assets

Ramine Bigdeliazari joined Fidelity Digital Assets℠ as Director of Product in September 2019. In this role, Ramine is responsible for defining long-term product vision and continuing expansion of product and service offerings across the digital assets landscape. Ramine joined Fidelity from Goldman Sachs, as Vice President of Market Solutions, where he led firm enterprise blockchain efforts across several business lines, including equity derivatives, CDS, and futures, among other strategic initiatives aimed at optimizing post-execution market structure and firm operations. Prior to Goldman Sachs, Ramine began his career at Deloitte as a Senior Associate in Financial Services Advisory focused on Investment Management and Insurance. Ramine holds an MBA from the McCallum School of Business at Bentley University and a BS in Accounting from Bentley University. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).